Virtual reality

Duration: 10 min.

Asterism is an art experience in the realm of VR that lasts about nine and a half minutes. You can turn your head up or down or around in 360 degrees and see different parts of the art (the music will track your movements as well), though this experience, like a video, does not interact with your inputs otherwise. Astronomy is the traditional science in which the intelligible worlds of geometry become real to our senses, traced on the sky. The Greeks called these patterns asterismos, literally “a marking with stars.” Stars glimmer in this junction between the chaos of our sensible world and the mathematical ideals of the heavens. Both the animation and the music for Asterism were created together as complementary parts of the whole artwork. The music was not “scored” to fit existing images, nor are the images a literal “visualization” of the music. Thanks to Harvey Mudd College, the Brian Butler Fund, and Rory Walsh.