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OrchestralGamelan VideoElectronicChamber and SoloChoral


Pipes and Bridges2015Cello orchestra and organ8 min.
Celestial Dance2006Orchestra and video projection
2222/4221/4 perc/cel/hp/str
11 min.
Tight Weave2000Wind orchestra7 min.
River of Stars1989Orchestra
3222/4221/3 perc/cel/hp/str
10 min.
Piano Concerto1985Pf, orchestra25 min.


The Presence in the Time Between2022Violin, cello, and gamelan10 min.
Gending Swallowtail2016Gamelan angklung and violin8 min.
Gending Sunset Ridge2014Gamelan and cello or violin8 min.
Cempaka Petak2014Balinese gamelan9 min.
Angin Listrik2010Seven-tone Balinese gamelan and two electric guitars10 min.
Breath of the Compassionate2009Gamelan and video projection9 min.
Mystic Canyon2008vn, American gamelan5 min.
Concerto for Violin and American Gamelan2008vn, American gamelan36 min.
Angel's Crest2007Javanese gamelan (slendro)6 min.
Concerto for Guitar and American Gamelan2007Guitar, Javanese gamelan (pelog)22 min.
Concerto for Harp and American Gamelan2004hp, American gamelan (pelog)22 min.
Elegy for Lou Harrison2003Cello and gamelan (pelog)6 min.
Gending Vogel Flats2002Violin and Javanese gamelan (pelog)12 min.
Imbal-imbalan2001Pelog Javanese gamelan9 min.
Elegy in Memory of Bill Colvig2000Violin and Javanese gamelan (pelog)10 min.
Gending Chilao1999Cello and Javanese gamelan (pelog)7 min.
Skala-Niskala: Concerto for keyboard
and Balinese gamelan
1998kbd, Balinese gamelan18 min.
Just On Time1998Digital piano, Javanese gender, and gong7 min.
Pelog Partita1996Gender, viola, cello, and percussion20 min.
Tingklik Toccata1996Tingklik, suling, electronic percussion, and gong5 min.
Slendro Suite1994Cello, gender, and gong15 min.

Video and Virtual Reality

Incidental music for Safe Distance (online play)2020electronics4 min.
Asterism2019Virtual reality10 min.
Orfeo nel canale alimentare (short film)2017Singers, harpsichord, recorders, cello, electronics9 min.
At First Light2012Ensemble and video projection10 min.
Liminal Landscape2012Ensemble and video projection10 min.
Breath of the Compassionate2009Gamelan and video projection9 min.
Stellation2008String quartet and video projection
12 min.
Celestial Dance2006Orchestra and video projection
2222/4221/4 perc/cel/hp/str
11 min.
Aleph2002Computer generated music and video10 min.
Static Cling2000Computer generated music and video8 min.
The Web Mandala1998Web art[continuous] min.
Hiway 701997Comptuer generated music and video11 min.
Collateral Damage1992Computer generated music and video7 min.


Tinte la clochette2021Computer sounds5 min.
On Optimism2018Computer sounds9 min.
String Fields2013Violin and live computer processing7 min.
Sounds Ineffable2014Soprano and live computer processing9 min.
Time Resonances2012Soprano and live computer processing7.5 min.
The Geometry of Time2011Computer generated recording13 min.
Mass Destruction2002Retuned electric viola or cello and CD7 min.
Late Breaking News2001Speaker and electronics8 min.
In-yo1998Shakuhachi or xiao and computer disc13 min.
Incidental music for Columbus (play)1994electronic tape and suling10 min.
Dream and ToccataCello and electronics6 min.
Rubber Time1991Trumpet, electronic and
acoustic percussion, and synthesizers
9 min.
Spectral Motion1988Electronic tape6 min.
Bending Space1988Electronic tape7 min.
Time Auscultations1987Electronic tape with robot choreography9 min.
Music for Somatic Extensions (short film)1987Electronic tape8 min.
Consort Music19872 MIDI keyboards and percussion8 min.
The Terrain of Possibilities1987Electronic tape6 min.
The Question Mark's Black Ink1986Piano, percussion, and electronic tape17 min.
Music for Lost (short film)1986Electronic tape8 min.
Redundant I1985Electronic tape6 min.
B. Bob Major1984Electronic tape4 min.

Solo and Chamber

The Geometry of Bird Flight2022microtonal clarinet and microtonal organ5 min.
Metallurgy2021four percussionists8 min.
On the Motion of Pendulums2021microtonal guitar, microtonal organ, microtonal piano5 min.
Show Attachment2020cello and piano6 min.
Variation on Dufay's Nuper Rosarum Flores2020organ or microtonal organ, two players10 min.
Voice of the Daimon2020piano and three percussionists7 min.
Variations on "A Summer's Kiss"2020two cellos5 min.
Rumble Strip2019four trombones8 min.
Night Refuge2018flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion, with video and electronics12 min.
The Fallen Sparks2018keyboard, violin, retuned cello16 min.
resonant halls of memory2017Cello and computer processing8 min.
Slim Pickings2017Two refretted guitars8 min.
Five Gamelettes2017Violin, piano, percussion20 min.
Piano Trio2016Violin, retuned cello, keyboard7 min.
he watches the clouds pass the window2016Violin, retuned cello, keyboard, percussion, electronics12 min.
All Sense of Proportion2013Retuned piano or keyboard, four hands.16 min.
Bad Attitude20122 electric guitars, 2 electronic keyboards, electric bass guitar, gamelan instruments.9.5 min.
Circular Reasoning20112 electric guitars, 2 electronic keyboards, electric bass guitar, gamelan instruments.9 min.
Rational Basis2011Eight electric guitars (including one electric bass guitar)12 min.
Toccata and Ground2010Harpsichord and kacapi indung10 min.
Paths of the Wind2010Retuned piano or keyboard8 min.
Slow Air and Jig2009Four cellos4 min.
Stellation2008String quartet and video projection
12 min.
Black Toccata2007Piano, 4 hands6 min.
Metalloid20072 tuned electronic kbd, alto sax, cl, 2 retuned
electric gtr, electric fretless bass, drum set
7 min.
Tondo2005Alto flute and four basses13 min.
Gandrung2002Marimba, three players8 min.
Subak2002Performers clapping on body parts5 min.
California Mabommay19938 cellos5 min.
Fantasy1990Cello and piano6 min.
Falling Light1988Percussion quartet (2 marimbas, 2 vibraphones,
7 min.
Epithalamium1987Harpsichord, oboe, and cello5 min.
Consort Music II: Ripieno Concerto19862 harpsichords, 4 recorders,
2 violins, viola, and cello
16 min.
Fantasy1986Piano8 min.
Consort Music I19854 trombones, 2 chimes, and click tracks5 min.
Nocturne1985Piano4 min.
Quintet19842 violins, viola, cello, and percussion15 min.

Choral & Vocal

A Sonatina2015voice, piano, and optional speaker6 min.
Ite Missa Est2015SSAATTB and electronics9 min.
Li Po Declines2015TTBB, tenor soloist, speaker, harp8 min.
The Cracked Kettle2012SSAATTB, soprano soloist7 min.
Three Songs of Gertrude Stein2002SATB chorus, soprano, speaker15 min.
Luminescence2002Choir and computer disc10 min.
O Viridissima Virga2000Choir (SSAATTB) and computer disc15 min.