Tingklik Toccata

Tingklik, suling, electronic percussion, and gong

Duration: 5 min.

"Tingklik" is a wonderfully onomatopoeic name for a bamboo tube xylophone in Bali, Indonesia. Also known as a rindik, this instrument is often played in pairs and together with suling bamboo flute. Ensembles of bamboo xylophones of different sizes are known as jegog, and some of those instruments can have tubes up to 8 feet in length whose thunderous tones can be felt in your chest. Those traditions inspired me to write for my own tingklik, here combined with a shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute), a gong, and electronic percussion tuned to the same stretched slendro scale as the Balinese instrument.

Recorded on Imbal-imbalan, with Linda Michelou, Tingklik, and Bill Shozan Schultz, shakuhachi .