Reviews of music from
The Terrain of Possibilities

"...uses change ringing, timbrally shifting drones, and post-minimalist tonality and rhythms. Best of all, Alves avoids both academic formalism and new age vapidity. Instead he creates sonic terrains of precisely matched tensions and beautifully timed releases, as well as structures which seem to grow naturally like organic crystals or frost patterns. Intelligent, warm, and engaging music." -- Option Magazine

"Bill Alves's music definitely grows from the tradition [of minimalism], but he throws his own spin on it as well. Like Lou Harrison, Alves uses many tuning systems, sometimes alternating among several. This gives his music a shadowy, shifting cast. Melodic patterns of various length interact with different tunings, not creating tension, but pushing the listener's attention to and fro." -- Keyboard Magazine.

"...electronically refracted music of the spheres...with themes and rhythms of a decidedly American thrust." -- Pasadena Star-News

"...moves forward with the drive of gamelan while displaying Alves command of timbre." -- Juxtaposition ezine

"...beautiful and expansive...wonderfully rich textural gestures" -- ICMA Array

"...structurally and stylistically diffuse and subtle...a sort of post-minimalist version of English change ringing." -- LA Times