The Tuning of Lou Harrison's Avalokiteshvara

from the Mode CD Por Gitaro: Suites for Tuned Guitars performed by John Schneider

Notes by Bill Alves

Avalokiteshvara (1965)

Harrison originally wrote his Avalokiteshvara for harp, adding the following note at the end of the score:

Here is the same tuning with some further information. (For the definition of cents and explanation of the following lattice diagram, see the note for the tuning of the Serenade and for more mathematical details, go here.).

PitchE F# A B D E
Ratio from 1/11/1 9/8 4/3 3/2 9/5 2/1
Cents from 1/10 203.9 498 702 1017.6 1200
Frequency330 371.25 440 495 594 660
Ratio between pitches9/8 32/27 9/8 6/5 10/9
Cents between pitches203.9 294.1 203.9 315.6 182.4

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