Guitars & Gamelan
New Music by Bill Alves

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Liner notes

1Angin Listrik
Sean Hayward and Nat Condit-Schultz, electric guitars
Gamelan Semar Pegulingan Dharma Kanti: Amanda Aaronian, Antonia Aguilar, Matthew Cassidy-Norris, Andrew Circle, Jonathan Dorr, Ed Garcia, Kim Gardner, Ethan Kelley, Dury Kim, Dylan Love, Lawrence Manzo, Vilma Serrano, Alexander Verdoni, Christian Whiting, Linda Burman-Hall, director
Click here for audio excerpt. 9:22
2Rational Basis
Los Angeles Electric 8: Gabriel Deutsch, Tom Frazer, Jeremy Kerner, Eric Kiersnowski, Andy Lee, Felix Salazar, JohnPaul Trotter, electric guitars, Nicholas Deyoe, bass guitar
Click here for audio excerpt. 11:30
Concerto for Guitar and Gamelan
John Schneider, just intonation guitar
HMC American Gamelan: John Choi, Mark Ellis, Natalia Fear, Andrew Ho, Greg Jackson, Mark Nelson, Sejal Shah, Julie Simon, Darryl Yong, Bill Alves, director
3Click here for audio excerpt. 3:38
4Click here for audio excerpt. 6:27
5Click here for audio excerpt. 6:23
6Click here for audio excerpt. 5:53
HMC Electronic Music Ensemble: Bill Alves, keyboard; Steven Berler, clarinet; Brian Dolphin, electric guitar; Nicholas Herman, electric guitar; Cory Hills, drums; Martin Hunt, keyboard; Stephen Jones, bass guitar; Jakob Spjut, saxophone
Click here for audio excerpt. 7:56

All compositions by Bill Alves, BMI ©2007, 2010, 2011, 2015.
Recorded by Barry Phillips (track 1) and Bill Alves. Mastering by Benjamin Maas, Fifth Circle Audio. Thanks to the Garett Fund of Harvey Mudd College, Porter College Distinguished Lecturer Fund, University of California Santa Cruz Music Research Fund,
and all the musicians who made this recording possible.